Yesterday, the market fluctuated slightly, basically in a sideways consolidation state. BTC fluctuated between 8700-8760, BCH fluctuated between 285-290, and ETH fluctuated between 185-189. BTC has a bottom-off in the 4-hour line. It is mainly bullish in the next two days. The mainstream currency basically ends the 4-hour level correction. It is also bullish, so the market is expected to rebound in the short term.

In terms of news, if Jianan Zhizhi successfully listed on the 20th, it would be a good thing for the whole industry. Of course, it is also necessary to pay attention to the stock price after the IPO. It is likely to be closely related to the price of the currency. Perhaps as the first stock in the industry, it becomes actually The bitcoin ETF is seen.

BCH/USDT: Yesterday, the support level was at 285. At present, it is still supported. Although the MACD adjustment is not perfect, KDJ has begun to diverge from the oversold area. No. 15 is the upgrade time, I hope to have a good increase.

HT/USDT: Deviated at the end of 4 hours, it is just back to the support of EMA120, so it will be bullish in the future.

QTUM/USDT: The 4-hour line also forms a bottom divergence, and is currently at the support level of EMA20. KDJ is overbought on the daily line, and the probability of future bullishness is greater.

I0TA/USDT: 4 hours line bottom away, shorts weakened, KDJ began to diverge upwards, support level 0.257